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The Winning Zone

We are not going to squander time mincing words; instead, we are going to provide hard cold facts that will more than clearly broadcast how extremely effective and accurate this service is.

We do not waste time sending out fancy emails; in fact, our emails are boringly simple. We dedicate our time to studying the markets and spotting the next trading opportunity.   Trades are not issued for the sake of being issued.  We only issue trades when our systems indicate that there is the risk to reward ratio is in our favour and the probability of winning is significantly higher than that of losing.  There are months when a plethora of trades are issued and there are months when things get a bit slower, but the situation is never quiet for long.  There is always something going on in the futures arena.  It is not the quantity of trades that count but the quality.

The Winning Zone

Our average win ratio for the past 6 years is over 78%

In 2010 our main portfolio experienced only one loss for an unbelievable win ratio of 90%. The average trade yielded $1500.  With just one winning trade you could have paid your subscription for 2 or more years.  The one losing trade generated a tiny loss of only $350. Trades are carefully issued here as more emphasis is placed on safety than on capital gains.

Our secondary portfolio formerly known as the unofficial portfolio but is now known as the” velocity portfolio “is our most active portfolio and the one that is followed by the majority of our subscribers.   Here a bit more emphasis is placed on capital gains.

In 2010 we issued 39 trades for a win ratio in excess of 82%; the results of these trades are as follows

29 winning trades; the average winning trade yielded $1560

3 break evens

And only 7 losing trades

If we count the break evens as part of the wins as no loss was generated it gives us a win ratio in excess of 82%.  If we discount the trades where we broke even, we get a win ratio of 75%. From the date of our inception, we have averaged a win ratio in excess of 75%; this is almost unheard off in the futures world.  Once again just one winning trade from this portfolio could have paid for 2 plus years of service.

As a bonus service, we introduced a “special situations portfolio” at the bequest of our subscribers.  These are trades that are generated on a different criterion.  The risk is slightly higher than that associated with either the Main portfolio or Velocity Portfolio. We could have charged extra for this service but decided to throw it in for free.  This portfolio was introduced in May of 2010 and for the year it had a win ratio of 94%.

19 trades were issued in 2010.

-18 of these trades were winners.  Average trade generated $2038

The average trade produced a gain of $2038 which could have paid for over 4 years worth of service.

Hedge fund managers strive to achieve such results and would die to be able to boast of such results. You now have the opportunity to be on the winning side of the market. All that stands between you and the next winning trade is your mouse. Click on this link to become part of our winning team.

For 2011 our win ratio is still in excess of 78%; we will be listing the results from our portfolios shortly.

Below we provide a few excerpts from the VIP Service; more will follow soon.

May 31, 2011

By now everyone is aware that extreme V readings have the ability to extend a trend well beyond its originally projected target.  So it appears that until the longer term trends change, one has to be prepared to deal with violent counter moves; The Swiss franc has demonstrated this behaviour in the most extreme manner. It has actually surged to new highs.  In our opinion opening a strangle position here (buying a put and a call) should potentially lead to rather lucrative gains. The franc is at extreme inflation point and it is going to experience a big move either to the upside or downside. Either way one stands to make a bundle. VIP Update May 31, 2011

Traders who opened up strangle play were able to walk away with gains in excess of   150% on their call positions as the franc at its highest point was up over 270 ticks from the time this email was sent out.



Until it trades below 27 on a weekly basis it is opening up the possibility that it will surge to test its Jan highs in the 30 ranges. From a long term perspective, this will be a very bullish development. VIP Update NOV 1, 2010

Sugar did test its Jan 2010 highs; it traded as high as 30.49 before pulling back.  



Traders willing to take on a bit of risk can consider the following strategy.  Open up a strangle position; this involves the purchase of the call and a put option.  The goal here is to look for a big move; the direction of the move is irrelevant as you are holding a put and a call.    For example, one could purchase the Dec 1390 calls, and the Dec 1280 puts. Note this is just an example and is not a recommendation.  The only risk is that Gold does not move in which you would lose money on both ends, but given that it is such a volatile market it is bound to move in one direction or the other. Aim for an option that has at least 30-60 days of time on it.  Thus you might have to aim for the March 2011 options as the Dec options expire on the 23rd of November.  VIP Update Nov 17, 2010.

Traders who followed this strategy locked in impressive gains as the put part of the strangle Play soared in value. In less than 20 trading days Gold soared all the way to 1436. This represented a gain of roughly 100 dollars from the day this strategy was recommended.  This relatively low-risk strategy paid off very handsomely indeed.


Additional Factoids

From Dec 2008 to Dec 2009 we issued 51, 42 were winners, 8 produced losses and one was a break even.  Which gave us an average win ratio of 84.3%. Click this link for a complete review of all the trades.  VIP Futures Results Dec 2008-Dec 2009  

Our goal here is very simple, we do not waste our time and your time by sending out fancy emails, or long winded emails or wasting your time with what should, would or could happen. Our focus is to issue trades and that’s all that we do.  90% of the emails we send out are short and concise. You are provided with entry points, stops and profit targets.

We have also introduced two extra portfolios for traders looking to lock in additional profits.

Unofficial portfolio

This portfolio is for the trader that does not mind taking on a bit more risk. The risk factor here is slightly higher than that associated with our main portfolio.  As of April 2010, we have issued 18 trades,  14 of which have been profitable and 4 of which produced small losses giving this portfolio a win ratio of 78%. Considering that the risks associated with this portfolio are higher this is a remarkable win ratio.  If one applies our Hit & Run Trading Strategy to this portfolio the win ratio could increase by additional 8-15 percentage points.

The other portfolio is the Special situations portfolio

This portfolio is generally for traders who have a longer trading time span (2-6 weeks) and are willing to do a little bit of extra footwork (in most cases this is not necessary). We provide suggested entry points, stops and suggested targets.  Traders can adjust this information to suit their needs.

In May we issued a special situations alert on Copper  and Palladium

Traders willing to do a bit of their own leg work can consider the following trade parameters. Short the July contract in the 353-360 ranges. Place a stop at 367 and take some profits at 338 and potentially ride this trade down to the 320 ranges. When 338 is hit, move the stop up to 350 and if and when it trades below 330, lower the stop to 345.  VIP Update April 22, 2010 

Copper dropped all the way down to 300 in a matter of days providing traders with gains of up to 11,000 per contract.

Palladium has just hit the extreme zone of the linear regression channels ( we have a main linear regression line and from this, we have two bands that are 3 standard deviations away from this main line. You have a +3SD band and -3Sd band).  As stated before such extreme moves usually lead to a pull back. We still have daily and weekly buy signals in effect.  Palladium is a fast moving market and it could potentially shed 100 bucks in a heartbeat.  VIP Update April 29, 2010

In a few days, Palladium dropped from the 560 plus ranges to below $500.

Most places would charge for each one of these services and they would charge in excess of $100 a month, however, you can get all 3 for the price of one and at much lower cost than $100 if you take a quarterly billing option. In fact, if you take the yearly billing option, your rate works out to only $65  a month.

More information on the VIP Service

This service is aimed at traders who are seeking much higher rates of return than can normally be achieved via the equities markets. The Futures Market provides individuals with a huge opportunity to lock in massive profits if one knows what one is doing. Some guidance is needed here as these markets are very fast moving markets and a profit could turn into a loss, if one holds onto the position for too long. The concept of buy and hold simply does not work or even apply in these markets for some of the swings are too extreme and only individuals with very deep pockets can weather such moves.  Therefore a different mindset is necessary when one enters into this arena and patience and discipline are two skills that are of paramount importance if one is to win. One other key feature is money management; we focus on all 3.

The main focus of this service is trading futures, as there are so many markets to trade that the opportunities are virtually never ending. Unlike the equities sector, you are not restricted to one segment of the market. For example, sugar, cocoa, Japanese Yen, cotton could be doing nothing but the Euro, wheat, corn and copper markets could be issuing early signals that a move is imminent. This one has very few limitations in terms of finding new opportunities when one enters into the future’s arena.

We have a very strict and disciplined approach when it comes to trading. We incorporate the principals of mass psychology, technical analysis and fundamentals in all our trading models; we, however, give more emphasis to Mass psychology and Technical analysis.  All trades are issued with entry points, stops and when the pattern is clear profit targets are issued in advance.  Our high win ratio over the past few years is proof of our disciplined approach when it comes to investing. (Go to the bottom of the page for detailed info on the accuracy of this service).

You will find that we do things differently here; we do not waste time with putting out fancy updates. We are not concerned with such trivialities; our main focus is to spot profitable trades. All communications are conducted via email; the instructions are brief and simple to follow.

We do issue stock and options trades but do so only when the risk to reward ratio is in our favour.  Our focus when it comes to stocks is usually in the small cap arena as that is normally where one finds the most explosive of trades.  We also have a model that rates the equities markets against the future’s markets and if the model favours the future’s markets we inform our subscribers of this and start to issue fewer equities based trades.

We believe trading the futures markets speed up the learning curve and pushes investors to better understand the concepts of Patience and discipline. In other words, if you already have some understanding of these concepts in regard to trading stocks, then the futures markets offer the possibility of pushing you to the next level. The key word being a possibility for it does not guarantee that you will. One only climbs higher if one is willing to seek improvement in two key areas; these two key areas are patience and discipline. No one has attained perfection in these two areas and so there is always room for improvement.

For detailed information on past trades please click on the links below  

Highlights of some of our most profitable 2009 trades (this is just a small sample only)

We shorted the Japanese Yen 3 times recently netted almost $19,000 in profits, we shorted bonds 3 times and locked in profits in excess of $10,000, our trade in the coffee market was successful, we advised traders that Gold was due for a pullback after it hit 1000 in Feb 2009, and it experienced a very rapid pullback of over 100 dollars in a matter of days.


From Dec 2008 to early April 2009 we have issued and closed 20 trades of which 17 have been winners for a win ratio of 85%. Please click on the following link below for a detailed list of all the trades issued in this time period.    Results from Dec 2008 to April 09, 2009

2008 was one of the worst years on record but yet from Jan to Dec 2008 we still managed to achieve an accuracy rate of 62.2%.  Results from Jan 2008 to Dec 2008   

From May 2007 to Feb 2008 41 trades were issued of which 32 were profitable for an accuracy of 78%.  Results From May 2007 to Feb 2008  

From August 2006 to March 2007 we issued 28 trades, only 4 were losers for an average accuracy of 85.17%  Results from August 2006 to March 2007


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