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Mitch Rothstein

Has over 20 years experience in analyzing the markets. He has developed proprietary timing indicators that are based on market cycles. A market goes through several cycles and each cycle represents a critical point..  We have three main phases in the markets are bullish phase, a neutral phase and a bearish phase. Each of these main phases then has a sub phase, for example, a bullish cycles has beginning phase, a midpoint phase, a top phase, a neutral phase and then the beginning of the bearish phase and vice versa.


Gerard Callaghan

Has 16 years experience in the commodities and currencies arena.  He is area of interest is multi time frame analysis, standard deviation analysis and the use of hidden magnetic points that help determine support and resistance zones in advance. These magnetic points are critical in determining if a market is topping, bottoming or trending sideways.


Sol Palha

Sol Palha is a self-taught market guru, having widely read conventional and non-conventional texts on all aspects of technical analysis and market timing. He has been studying the markets for over 16 years. He specializes in mass psychology, technical analysis and a new field of study that he has pioneered, Esoteric Cycle Analysis. In addition, he combines multiple time frame analysis with standard deviation analysis in a unique way to help determine market tops and bottoms.