Hit and Run strategy

This is a very simple strategy and as the name implies the idea is to get into and out of a trade as fast as possible.. As soon your position is showing a predetermined amount of profit you exit the position. We provide a range of predetermined profit targets so you do not have to waste time trying to figure out the optimal profit targets. we have already done this work for you.   This is a remarkably powerful long term strategy for building up the size of your account really fast. all one needs is patience and discipline; as the profits start to roll in, one can start to slowly increase the amount of contracts one is trading.

We have found out that this strategy when applied can further increase our already high win ratio   from 8%-15% depending on the profit target chosen.  The idea is simple, once you have a fill, you put in the exit orders and then simply wait.  The number of contracts traded can slowly be increased as the profits roll in.

In essence  this strategy tests a trader’s greed and the only reason a trader will fail over the long run is that the trader  becomes unhappy with a fixed amount of profits and like an idiot assumes that by chasing more he is going to do better. In reality all he/she had to do was simply increase the number of contracts traded.

A trader who is long the Canadian Dollar using this strategy could lock in 100 ticks of profit just by closing his position 20-25 ticks from his/her entry point. The trick here is that he/she simply used 4-5 contracts, instead of relying on one. The odds of the loonie rallying 20-25 ticks are significantly higher than it rallying 100 ticks in one shot.

Go long the Canadian dollar at 98.20 and close the position out at 98.45 for a gain of 250 per contract.  Thus if you have 4 contracts, your total profit is 1000 dollars.

This is a great strategy to use on our service for traders who are looking to lock in quick gains with minimal amounts of stress.  Traders can also mix and match; use this strategy with our other trading strategies.