Reports by Sol Palha

Provided below are an extensive list of articles and Reports by Sol Palha. More of his article you can find here.



Crazy Bull Market Still Marching Strong despite interest rate hikes (June 18)

What Happened to the Stock Market Crash experts were predicting (April 28)

Will the Stock Market Crash in 2017-The truth is that no one knows but everyone lies   (April 17)

Political Polarisation: Trump-Brexit win Polarisation Grips Financial advisers (March 31)

Why you should not be worried about a stock Market Crash Video (March 19)

Stock Market Bull destined to charge higher or is it time to bail out  (Jan 13)



Fed’s Interest Rate Stance equates to Rubbish-Video article (Dec 27)

Forget Main Stream Media Unless You Love Losing (Sept 6)

Crowd Psychology states Uranium Bear Market over (Aug 29)

Brexit Hidden Theme Continuation of Currency War Game (July 26)

US Congress losing mind over Russian Arms Sales to Iran (March 17)

Oil market crashes but Oil tanker market raking in profits  (Jan 09)



9 Ways to build wealth in the stock market  (Nov 24)

Turkey shot down a Russian Drone  (Oct 27)

Market Selloff; is it time to panic  (Sept 12)

Currency wars intensify (Aug 20)

Religious Wars Escalating (May 24)

Two key Market Indicators rendered useless (April 20)



Is The U.S.A Still A Super Power? (Oct 25)

Dollar Bull Still In Play  (Oct 24)

Gold Approaching Critical Juncture (Sept 30)

Copper at make or break point (Sept 24)

A New Era In Trading (Jan 25)



Gold Still No Bottom In Sight  (April 27, 2013)

Currency wars and other developments (Feb 11, 2013) 

Yen outlook by (Jan 7, 2013)



Gold Heading Much Lower In 2013 (Dec 31)

Market In Corrective Phase, But Long-Term Trend Still Intact ( Nov 15)

Dollar bottom close at hand: Gold Not Worth The Risk (Nov 12)

Yen Bottom Nowhere In Sight (Nov 7)

Market Heading Higher But Expected To Top In March  (Feb 1)



Euro has nowhere to go but down (Sept)

It’s Not A Good Time To Buy Gold (Aug 30)

Interesting Charts (July 26)

Dangerous Signals (June 21)