Ultimate Timing Indicator

To come up with the Ultimate timing indicator we combined mass psychology the study of the mass mindset with Technical analysis. Combing these two fields has enabled us to finally come up with what we would like to call the ultimate timing indicator.

In terms of technical analysis we have several proprietary tools such as esoteric cycles, phase shift analysis, our custom smart money indicator and our new Volatility indictor.

We took roughly 39 tools in all and combined them into one and then incorporated the most important aspects of mass psychology to come up with one super timing indicator.   We then broke down our analysis into different time frames employing the concept of multi time frame analysis.  Thus each market is analyzed in terms of the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trend and buy or sell signals are issued based on each of these time lines.

Finally Pattern analysis is performed (this falls under the category of visual analysis) where each market is examined to spot a new or a repeat pattern. Only after this detailed and thorough process is a trade issued.

If you truly want to make money in the futures markets you need to be in a position where the playing field is leveled out so that you have the same options and benefits that are available to the big corporate players.  Unless one finds a way to overcome the disadvantage the small player faces, the odds of losing are extremely high.

Our tools have now made the analysis of a complex market simple and our results speak for themselves. For the past 5 years our average win ratio has been in excess of 70%. For the past 12 months our win ratio has been in excess of 76%.  As of March 12, 2010 our win ratio is 100% for this year. So we have started of 2010 with a big bang.

We are constantly adapting ourselves and our indicators to the ever changing face of the futures markets.  we believe that if one does not adapt one will die and so we constantly strive to improve our tools and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

If you want to trade the futures markets successfully then consider our VIP Futures Service, where the bulk of the work is done for you. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and you could well be on your way to trading a lot more successfully than you have in the Past.