Covid 19 deaths in US: Is The Media telling the Truth

Covid 19 deaths in US: Is The Media telling the Truth

Consider the following data and decide for yourself

  • Over 22K people will die today from hunger; this is probably one of the most horrible of ways to die

  • 110K have died so far from this year’s flu, and roughly 650K die a year from respiratory-related diseases

  • 70K mothers have already died this year giving birth

  • They have been over 242K suicides this year

  • 1.7 million children under the age of five have died this year

  • 1.25 million people die every year in road crashes

  • more than 270K pedestrians die each year

  • 88K will die from alcohol-related causes only in the USA

  • 22K Brits will die because of prescriptions mix-ups

  • Between 250K to 440K will die as a result of medical errors in America

  • two decades worth of analysis reveals that over 100K Americans will die because of taking prescription drugs. A recent study states that the figure is close to 128K.

  • This article from the NCBI database states that 100K Americans died as a result of medical errors, and it’s dated 1999.

  • 68.5K Americans died from drug overdoses in 2018

We have not mentioned Cancer, smoking and cardiovascular diseases, all of which kill millions per year. What about the innocent children dying every day? They don’t matter. What’s shocking is that the other viruses that were deadlier did not even receive the same amount of attention. When all the above data is taken into consideration, the COVID 19 deaths in the US, while serious is nothing we should be panicking over.

Don’t focus only on the number of deaths but look at the mortality rate and then compare it to that of COVID-19.

Let’s take a closer look at the situation in the U.S. and New York

USA and world COVID data

The U.S. is finally ramping up testing, and hopefully, every state starts to open up drive through testing centres like N.Y. New York finally decided to emulate South Korea. Based on the above figures, the overall death rate for the U.S. across all age groups is 3 percent, a far cry from the gloom and doom all the self-appointed experts have been laying out. Several thousand children under the age of five will die today, and yet no one declares an emergency for those poor children who are completely defenceless.

Let’s zoom in to New York the epicentre USA only COVID data

Given all doom and gloom projections, the death rates in California should be higher than in New York. New York is an anomaly because the Governor and the mayor were asleep at the wheel and a large number of deaths were reported from nursing homes. However, despite over 670K individuals in California being infected with COVID, the mortality rate is only 1.8%. The overall death rate across of all age groups in South Korea now stands at 1.7% based on the latest data obtained from and it’s quite comparable to that of California.

interesting COVID data table

So pray do tell, where do these experts, including the governor and mayor of NYC, get off by issuing such gloomy forecasts. Taking action is one thing but fostering an atmosphere that is driven by fear is not the way to deal with such a situation.

China has ended the lockdown so that has to be viewed through a bullish lens and they continue to spray neighbourhoods with disinfectants to knock out the coronavirus. Even Indonesia is doing this, and we suspect a host of other nations will follow suit. Why are America and the rest of the West not adopting a similar strategy? It seems that Asian countries are leading the way in terms of taking a novel approach when it comes to dealing with this virus.

None of the data at hand supports the outrageous claims many officials and experts are putting forth. While the COVID 19 deaths in the US are trending upwards, they don’t even come close to matching the death rate of cancer, smoking, cardiovascular-related deaths, etc.

New York City, which is now the epicentre for America, has a remarkably low death rate. The media and duly elected officials should be broadcasting this information all over the place, to show the crowd that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, they seemed fixated on broadcasting only one side of the picture.

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